Our quality control Supervisor
Our quality control Supervisor

The food we serve in the Poole nursery has been lovingly prepared and cooked in our nursery kitchen by our cook.


All of our ingredients are freshly sourced and wherever possible we try to offer healthy options as well.


As the saying goes "you can't please everyone", so we listen to feedback from the children and their parents and take on board suggestions so that we can evolve and improve upon our menus.


We also provide healthy snacks and drinks to our sessional customers offering a variety of healthy choices.


We also allow the Pre School children to occasionally prepare their own morning or afternoon snacks using basic ingredients and utensils under constant supervision.


Our Management team working with our cook, constantly strive to provide food that the children enjoy and that offers variety. We operate a 4 weekly menu system and copies of our 2014 menus are online here:


Menu Week 1.pdf
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Menu Week 2.pdf
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Menu Week 3.pdf
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Menu Week 4.pdf
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